CashSentinel solves a real, concrete issue

Soon after moving to Geneva, Sylvain and his wife were looking for a used car. They looked online and found their dream car in Ticino. They decided to go try it, and realized that in order to drive it back home on the same trip, they really only had one option: withdraw the full value of the car, nearly 20'000 CHF in cash, and carry it to Ticino for a whole weekend.

Surprised by the lack of a better option, Sylvain looked at how it was done in surrounding countries. The results were appalling - there was no 21-st century way to do such transactions. The problem only got worse in cross-border situations (buying from a different country). Reflecting on this with his closest family, colleagues and friends, he thought that something had to be done. And CashSentinel was born.

Our vision, mission and why we do it

Our vision is to become the standard contract management and settlement system for important financial transactions.
We do it by connecting banks, insurances, corporations and their customers through smart, easy-to-use contracts. Our contracts bring convenience, payment security and performance warranty to our customers.
We do this because we want to bring trust to life's most important transactions. We believe that buying or selling a house, a car or renovating an appartment, should never be a concern ever again.


Meet the people of CashSentinel

CashSentinel is led by a team of banking and IT experts.

Sylvain Bertolus CashSentinel

Sylvain is the founder and leader of CashSentinel since 2012. Freshly graduated with a Master's in IT from UTC Compiègne in France, Sylvain started his career in the IT department of JPMorgan in Geneva in 2005. in 2008 he co-founded a consulting firm, Newtone Associates, with Michael Chaille. At Newtone, Sylvain helped banks with IT security and architecture.

Sylvain Bertolus

Julie Garg CashSentinel
Head strategy & development

After graduating with a Bachelor from Harvard University, Julie worked in the consulting industry in Boston and Los Angeles. She then moved to Switzerland where she worked at IATA. She then went for an MBA at IMD Lausanne, during which she got involved on the CashSentinel project.

Julie Garg

Milena Nikolic CashSentinel
Head IT solutions

After graduating with a Master's in IT from University Novi Sad in Serbia, Milena started her career contracting for Siemens. She later followed her husband to Switzerland and joined the CashSentinel team, where she has been key in building the platform.

Milena Nikolic

Stephane Ongagna CashSentinel
Head IT security and administration

Stéphane started as an intern a few months before graduating with a Bachelor's in IT Security from HEIG-VD. Passionate about ethical hacking and cybersecurity, he won the competitive challenge SwissCyberStorm in 2013. His excellent IT Security skills secured him a position at CashSentinel.

Stephane Ongagna

Stéphane Emery
Operations & Customer Service

After finishing his secondary studies in Sion, Stéphane joined the University of St. Gallen, where he is currently studying business administration. Passionate about startups, Stéphane started his career at CashSentinel, where he occupies the position of Operations & Customer Service.

Stéphane Emery

Meet our board

The board of directors of CashSentinel is composed of influential and knowledgeable experts.

Jean Pascal CashSentinel
Chairman of the board

Jean is the wisdom of CashSentinel. Working his way up, he became CEO of Locatel which he headed for 15 years. He later went on to develop Codiam as COO and then CEO for 10 years. Since 2010, Jean brings his experience to clients through various mandates, including several board seats and consulting assignments.

Jean Pascal

Sylvain Boj CashSentinel
Board member

Sylvain brings 1st-class mobile-payment and startup experience to our company. With a PhD in Optics from Université Paris Sud, Sylvain co-founded in 1998 Highwave Optical Technologies, a highly successful startup. He later served as COO for Echovox in Geneva, a mobile services firm. He then went on to revolutionize the mobile payment world in the US as COO of Zong, which was acquired by Paypal in 2011.

Sylvain Boj

Jean-Frédéric Thomas CashSentinel
Board member

Jean-Frédéric brings an exceptional financial background to our company. He is CFO of Cotecna, a company he joined in Geneva since 2006 as Group Financial Controller. Before Cotecna, Jean-Frédéric spent close to eight years in senior audit and advisory roles with two of the largest auditing firms. He is a graduate of EDHEC Group and has a Masters in Finance.

Jean-Frédéric Thomas

Michael Chaille CashSentinel
Board member

Michael brings momentum, vision and strategy to our company. An HEC Lausanne and IDHEAP graduate, Michael spent his whole career in consulting. After starting with Arthur Andersen in 2000, he founded Newtone Associates in 2008, which topped at 25 employees in Switzerland and Singapore with multi-million revenue before merging with Chappuis & Hadler in 2013.

Michael Chaille

Sylvain Bertolus CashSentinel

Sylvain is the founder and leader of CashSentinel since 2012. See full biography above.

Sylvain Bertolus