What is CashSentinel?

CashSentinel is a service that simplifies and secures the purchase or sale of new or second-hand vehicles.

It replaces legacy payment means such as checks, cash or direct bank transfer.

The GreenLight feature allows the buyer to notify his seller that he has sufficient funds for the transaction. While still keeping full control on his funds, the buyer signals to the seller that he is serious. The seller can prepare and reserve the vehicle for the day of the sale.

On the day of the sale, buyer and seller confirm the transaction with their mobile phones, adjusting the final price if desired. The transaction is instantly confirmed and irrevocable. The buyer can leave right away with the vehicle, the seller automatically receives his funds on his/her bank account on the next business day.

Your contract is protected during the 3 months that follow the transaction. Buyers as well as sellers can request assistance in case any discrepancy arises between the contract and reality.

CashSentinel is available in most of Europe and Switzerland, both for private and professional customers.

CashSentinel was founded in 2012 and has since secured millions of euros worth of transactions, for its many clients.

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