Safeguarding your funds and personal information is our top priority.

Important security recommendations

Stay safe online. Follow these instructions to stay clear of scams.
  • To use CashSentinel for a transaction, you have to register on and have been approved by CashSentinel.
  • Only you can request to register. We would never contact you without your solicitation.
  • We never send unsolicited emails.
  • We never send payment instructions by email or by phone.

To ensure your safety on the Internet while using e-banking and financial applications, you should follow best practices - Hochschule Luzern gives good tips here, for example.

Your money is exactly where you want it to be

Unlike the situation where a buyer is carrying cash or paying the seller in advance, with CashSentinel the buyer’s money is secure and under the buyer’s control until he/she decides to purchase the vehicle. Even if the mobile phone is lost or stolen, the funds are not at risk thanks to our single secret word system for each transaction.

When a buyer makes an offer with CashSentinel, the corresponding funds are already in escrow with us. When we confirm the transaction, the funds of the buyer are credited to the seller and transferred to his bank account.

Buyer and seller are informed in real time by SMS and email about any movements on their account.


We are Swiss made

CashSentinel was founded in 2012 and is based in the Y-Parc Swiss Technopole in Yverdon-les-Bains where the concept was worked out and the development took place. The day-to-day operation of the CashSentinel service relies on key Swiss partners such as Swissquote Bank, AutoScout24 (Ringier group) and the Economic promotion departement of Vaud canton.

Swiss made

No more fear of dealing with strangers

We check the identity and address of each buyer and seller that subscribes to CashSentinel. Dealing with a person or a business registered with CashSentinel means that they have been screened and approved. So you do not have to worry about being scammed/cheated by a stranger.


Authorized by Swiss financial regulators

CashSentinel is an authorized Financial Intermediary in Switzerland and is a member of the self-regulation organization (SRO) Polyreg. CashSentinel's registration can be verified on FINMA's list of authorized financial intermediaries. Just search for "CashSentinel".


The highest security standards

CashSentinel service is built and run to the same security standards as those of Swiss banks. CashSentinel security concept was jointly developed with the University of Engineering and Management of the Canton of Vaud (HEIG-VD, IT-security mandate carried out by IICT). CashSentinel undergoes regular external security audits, which guarantee the quality and safety of our service.


Stay safe online

Beware of phishing : do not click on links in suspicious emails, even if they seem to come from CashSentinel. In case of doubt, navigate directly to our website:

When navigating on our website, ensure that the address bar of your browser is green and displays the safety lock icon. In case of doubt, inspect the website's certificate.

CashSentinel works exclusively with Swissquote Bank. As a buyer, funding your account is achieved by transferring funds to an account held in the name of CashSentinel, at Swissquote Bank. Never send funds to a different Bank, or to a different recipient than CashSentinel.