CashSentinel and Protekta protect your contract

Whether you are making a transaction with a professional or with another private individual, the respect of the contract and of the commitments of each contracting party is essential. Thus, the price of a vehicle strongly depends on the vehicle’s announced condition by the seller, as well as on possible additional services offered by a professional.

Hence, it is not rare that the contracting parties take commitments that go beyond the sale of the vehicle. For example, the seller sometimes commits to take in charge any possible repair works needed for the vehicle to pass the annual technical control. It can also happen that the buyer engages himself to repay any incident if the seller let him go with his license plates.

In light of this, CashSentinel partnered with Protekta in order to bring a complete peace of mind to its clients. Buyers as well as sellers can request a mediation in case of an issue arising between the agreement and the actual vehicle, for the 90 days that follow the transaction.

How does it work?

The party feeling the need to do so can trigger the mediation process by contacting CashSentinel. After having opened a case with Protekta, a mediator acting as an independent third-party will be designated.

After having become acquainted with the case, the mediator will start the mediation process by including the other party.


Your advantages



You are assisted in case of a contractual failure with an extrajudicial and rapid process.



The network of professional mediators from Protekta is available to you, for a confidential process that works in more than 80% of the cases



The mediators are specialists leading the mediation process in a neutral and constructive way, accompanying you step by step to find a solution.

Examples of mediation

For a buyer

The case - Peter bought his vehicle in a garage in the Zürich suburb. According to the contract, the vehicle had never been damaged. However, a week after receiving his vehicle, Peter notices that it seems to keep drifting to the right. After inspection from his dealer, Peter receives the confirmation that his vehicle has been damaged in the past.

The solution - Peter contacted the mediation service right away which then reached the seller. The mediator found an agreement, and Peter was compensated for the difference in value, allowing him to correct the defaults by his garage.

For a seller

The case - After finding an agreement regarding the price of the vehicle, the seller Sarah* agreed to letting the buyer leave with her license plates, in order to avoid him an other return trip. The buyer committed to sending the license plates back to Sarah within 3 days, and to pay for any incidents happening while driving with her license plates. On the way back, the buyer is unfortunately implicated in an accident.

The solution - Sarah contacted the mediation service, which then established a list of consequences (insurance franchise, increase of annual premium, etc.) for Sarah and then worked with the buyer and its insurances to reach a fair compensation.


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