How does it work?

A transaction with CashSentinel can be completed in less than 24 hours on a business day, from registration to the exchange of the vehicle. Our service is available 24 hours, everyday.

Registration — You register with a phone number, a valid ID, and your bank details if you are selling a vehicle. Your registration is validated within one hour, during office hours. Registrations made outside of these are validated at the beginning of the next working day.

Contract — One of the two parties (buyer or seller) creates a contract indicating the vehicle and its amount. It is sent to the other party for approval.

Payment — Once the contract accepted, the buyer has access to our banking information, and can make a bank transfer to his CashSentinel account.

Completion — Once the funds are received, the buyer can click on "pay" at the bottom of the contract during the exchange of the vehicle, from a computer or from our mobile application. The funds are instantly transferred to the seller's CashSentinel account and then sent to the seller's bank account.

The CashSentinel service includes legal protection, which is available to sellers and buyers within 3 months of the transaction. In France, this protection is provided by Allianz Legal Protection, in Switzerland it is provided by Protekta SA.

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