Buying or selling a vehicle with CashSentinel is simple, safe and efficient.

1 Register

Buyer and seller register with CashSentinel. It takes 5 minutes, and one only needs a mobile phone and an ID document to do so. The account is typically confirmed within 1 hour during our business hours.


2• Establish trust

The buyer funds his CashSentinel account from his bank. He can then notify the seller with a GreenLight notification, thus proving that he is in a position to purchase the vehicle. This can be done even prior to the first meeting, and allows buyer and seller to establish trust a few days before they can physicall meet, for example.


3• Confirm the transaction

Buyer and seller complete the transaction with their mobile phones, adjusting the final price if desired. The transfer is irrevocable and cannot be cancelled. The buyer has no costs if he decides not to buy; CashSentinel is free of charge for the seller.
Your contract remains protected for 3 months after your transaction. More information is available here.

Watch a real transaction here.