GreenLight allows the buyer to notify his seller that he has sufficient funds for the transaction. While still keeping full control on his money, the buyer signals to the seller that he is serious. The seller can prepare and reserve his vehicle for the day of the sale.

Step 1

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Thanks to GreenLight you can inform your seller that you funded your account. This establishes mutual trust and allows the seller to prepare and set his vehicle aside until the day you scheduled to meet for the sale.

Good to know - The GreenLight notification is not binding. You remain in control of your funds, and can decide to change the price on the day of the sale - or just not to buy. Furthermore, CashSentinel does not disclose the exact amount you have funded to the seller, to preserve your bargaining power.

How does it work? Once CashSentinel confirms having received your funds, you can notify your seller from your account on the website or from the app.

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CashSentinel GreenLight informs you about the status of your potential buyers. It also allows you to check that the buyer has sufficiently funded his account to purchase your vehicle. Being reassured about the seriousness of your buyer, you may thus prepare and reserve your vehicle for the day of the sale. To preserve the buyer's privacy we will not tell you the exact amount funded by the buyer, however we will give you an opinion based on the price of your vehicle.

As an example, if your car is advertised for 15'000 CHF and the buyer funded 13'000 CHF, we would tell you that the buyer does not seem to be in a position to buy your vehicle. However, if he funded 14'500 CHF, we would tell you that the buyer is in a position to purchase your vehicle.

Good to know - GreenLight is a non-binding notification. The buyer remains in control of his final decision to buy, and the final amount he agrees to pay, when you meet. However, we would inform you of any significant change on the buyer's account prior to your transaction (such as if the buyer withdraws his funds or buys from someone else).

How does it work ? Request a GreenLight notification from your buyer. We will notify you with an SMS or an App notification. You can then check if the amount is consistent with your vehicle price on your account on the website or in the App.