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How it works ?

a smart contract

Sign up

Enter your name and address. We control your identity. Make sure the seller has also created his CashSentinel account.

registration and verification

Create your contract

You are guided to establish the terms of the contract. You and your seller approve the contract as is. With the CashSentinel contract, you automatically benefit from a legal protection lasting 3 months (cars) or 6 months (boats).

finalize the transaction
transaction protection
create your contract

Finalize the transaction

Transfer the funds to your CashSentinel account. At any time, until the confirmation of the transaction, you can recover your funds at no cost. You confirm purchase of the vehicle and your funds are transferred to the seller's account.

create your contract

Your advantages

gain creators and pain relievers

You are protected in case of dispute

Each contract is automatically protected by a legal protection of 3 to 6 months.

You control every detail of your contract

Access your contract at any time and follow your changes.

You can ask for a vehicle delivery

Contact our customer service for more information

You are assured of the identity of the seller

Each CashSentinel user has been controlled by our teams.

Your payments are protected

Your funds are in an escrow account until you take possession of your vehicle.


"Much more convenient than paying in advance"

- Gillian A., Geneva

"Our first transaction went like a charm, thanks a lot"

- Oleg and Katarina K., Bern

"Fantastic service. A top escrow agent for a successful transaction"

- Cyril Boquillon, EnjoyCars SA

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