How can I manage insurance when I buy a vehicle?

If you are purchasing a used vehicle, you have to provide an electronic proof of liability insurance from your insurance company to the division of motor vehicles in order to be allowed to drive the vehicle.

You will need to provide the following information to get the electronic proof of liability insurance:

  • Price of the vehicle (please indicate if it is with or without the vericle options).
  • Price of the options (10% of the value of the vehicle are included).
  • The 9 digit registration number on line 18 of the vehicle’s certificate of title, and possible other vehicle data.

Request this document at least one day before your visit to the division of motor vehicles, in order to receive it on time. You will have to contact the division of motor vehicles proactively to check if they have received the document. Your insurance company will rapidly come back to you with a final and more detailed insurance contract for signature.


  • The liability insurance only covers damage or injury to third parties.
  • The proof of liability insurance is only valid 30 days.

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