Automate your Sales

How it works

The buyer/seller/agent

Creates a contract on CashSentinel in under 2 minutes and submits it for approval.


The contract is accepted by the other party.


The buyer funds the contract via bank transfer to an escrow account held by Swissquote/ Société Générale/ BNP Paribas.


The contract is completed and the funds are transferred from the buyer’s CashSentinel account to the seller’s CashSentinel account.


Allianz protects the buyer and seller in case of potential litigation up to three months following the completion of the contract.


Fair and clear.

CashSentinel takes a fee from the buyer, when the transaction is confirmed, according to the table below. That's it.

Cars and motorbikes Fee borne by the buyer
(VAT included)
up to 4'999 € 24 €
up to 11'999 € 34 €
up to 29'999 € 49 €
up to 49'999 € 69 €
up to 79'999 € 99 €
from 80'000 € 199 €
Boats Fee borne by the buyer
(VAT included)
up to 11'999 € 49 €
up to 29'999 € 99 €
up to 99'999 € 199 €
up to 249'999 € 599 €
up to 999'999 € 1'290 €
from 1'000'000 € 1'990 €

What do you get for this?

  • Your secure payment, whether your seller is in your country or abroad.
  • A 3-month contract protection, by our partner Allianz Protection Juridique - learn more here.
  • Your freedom until you buy the vehicle. If you decide not to buy, you get 100% of your money back.
  • On request, we perform your currency conversions with our partner Swissquote Bank.

No hidden costs

  • There is no subscription, funding or withdrawal fee.
  • There is no fee if the transaction does not take place.
  • There is no fee for the seller.



Through its smart contract engine, CashSentinel is able to provide a way for marketplaces all over Europe to simplify their transactions. By facilitating crossborder operations, providing legal protection and securing payments for these transactions, CashSentinel has become an indispensable part of the modernization of multiple marketplaces. Including Autoscout24, Equippo, EWIGO, Bandofboats, Reezocar, Boat24 and 01flat


CashSentinel does not operate alone. Its success is also thanks to its invaluable corporate partners. SFPMEI, insures our payments on a day-to-day basis, Société Générale, BNP Paribas and Swissquote hold our consignment accounts for all European transactions. CGI Finance and SGB Finance facilitate access to financing for our clients through the CashSentinel platform. Allianz Protection Juridique and Protekta provide legal protection for each contract.

Funding & support

CashSentinel is also strongly supported by highly influential players in the startup world in both Switzerland and Europe.

Winning both the Swisscom startup competition and Venturekick, (one of the most prestigious and recognized startup competitions in Switzerland) as well as participating in Finnovate Europe, the F10 accelerator program and being admitted to the Founder’s program at Station F in Paris has provided the CashSentinel team with invaluable expertise in the world of Fintech, significant prize money and a strong foundation for future developments in Europe.