How to protect yourself from fraud?

At CashSentinel, our priority is to secure transactions. This is why we invite all our clients and visitors to be vigilant against phishing and scams on internet.

Each company has its own security measures, check their security policy to detect if scams attempts are made using their brand. At CashSentinel we have put in place ways to protect you from these attacks :

Check if the website is not fraudulent

  • CashSentinel's official website is When clicking on a link or a picture that redirects you on our website, check that the URL is correct.
  • CashSentinel's website has a secured https protocol. Make sure you have the address in your browser. A green padlock is present in the navigation bar and the name CashSentinel SA [CH] visible on the address bar.

Check if email is not fraudulent

  • CashSentinel does not send emails to its clients, with the exception of emails for promotional purposes to professionals, and support emails from our unique email address
  • We will never ask for any information concerning your account or its activity by e-mail, and will never sent you a link to follow. Any exchange of information with the CashSentinel can be done by phone or through the internal chat on your CashSentinel account.
  • If you receive an e-mail from a potential seller, check his e-mail address, and do not click on any links or documents. Access CashSentinel directly from the following URL: For more information about phishing attacks here.
  • If in doubt, use the search engine to find the company and verify that it exists. Use the link provided by the site to access the site and check the points mentioned in the section "Check if the website is not fraudulent"

Check if the IBAN is correct

We only communicate our bank details once the contract has been accepted. You can access it from your account, on our website or from our mobile app.

  • In France: our escrow accounts are french accounts, the IBAN starts with FR76 and ends with 889, and they are hosted at Société Générale.
  • In Switzerland: our escrow accounts are swiss accounts, the IBAN starts with CH23 and ends with 000, and they are hosted at Swissquote.
  • For boats transactions: our escrow accounts are french accounts, the IBAN starts with FR76 and ends with 739, and they are hosted at BNP Paribas.

If you have any doubt about the legitimacy of an e-mail, a seller, or a website, please inform CashSentinel through the internal chat, or by calling the phone number located at the bottom of our website, +41(0)24 552 00 60 for Switzerland and +33(0)1 82 88 24 76 for France.

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