How can I manage the change of ownership when I buy a vehicle?

Setting the paperwork for you new vehicle depends on your location.

In Switzerland

When buying a second hand vehicle, you will have different options for managing your license plates. The most common are:
  • If you already have your own license plates: the easiest solution would be to register the new vehicle with interchangeable license plates and use your current license plates to get the vehicle.
  • If you do not have license plates: either take the vehicle with the seller’s license plates or request short-term license plates.

In France

When buying a new vehicle, you must be the owner of the registration card.
  • When buying a new vehicle: The simplest solution is to ask the professional who sells you the vehicle to take the steps for you.
  • When you buy a used vehicle: Following the purchase of a used vehicle, registration of the assignment of the vehicle must be made within 15 days by the seller and the new registration certificate must be made in the name of the buyer under a month. More information here.

In any case : if you wish, CashSentinel can take care of the transport of your vehicle.

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