CashSentinel takes a fee from the buyer, when the transaction is confirmed, according to the table below. That's it.

Transaction amount Fee borne by the buyer
(VAT included)
up to 4'999.- CHF 29 CHF
up to 11'999.- CHF 39 CHF
up to 29'999.- CHF 69 CHF
up to 49'999.- CHF 89 CHF
up to 79'999.- CHF 119 CHF

What do you get for this?

  • Your secure payment, whether your seller is in Switzerland or abroad.
  • A 3-month contract protection, by our partner Protekta - learn more here.
  • Your freedom until you buy the vehicle. If you decide not to buy, you get 100% of your money back.
  • Your CHF/EUR conversions are applied to a preferred rate with our partner Swissquote Bank.

No hidden costs

  • There is no subscription, funding or withdrawal fee.
  • There is no fee if the transaction does not take place.
  • There is no fee for the seller.

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Vehicle price Transaction fee
(VAT included)
up to 99'999.- CHF 229 CHF
up to 119'999.- CHF 349 CHF
up to 139'999.- CHF 449 CHF
up to 159'999.- CHF 579 CHF
up to 199'999.- CHF 699 CHF
above 200'000.- CHF 849 CHF
Vehicle price Transaction fee
(VAT included)
up to 99'999 € 229 €
up to 119'999 € 349 €
up to 139'999 € 449 €
up to 159'999 € 579 €
up to 199'999 € 699 €
above 200'000 € 849 €

In addition for this price category:

  • A contact person is assigned to you and you benefit from a personal assistance for your transaction.
  • CashSentinel proceeds to a thorough and systematic analysis of the documents regarding your vehicle or boat.
  • Our fees are levied during the transaction. For a “net seller” transaction, the buyer uploads the effective price of the vehicle or boat to his CashSentinel account.

CashSentinel is available in most European countries and Switzerland, for private and professional customers.