Fair and clear.

CashSentinel takes a fee from the buyer, when the transaction is confirmed, according to the table below. That's it.

Cars and motorbikes Fee borne by the buyer
(VAT included)
up to 4'999.- CHF 29 CHF
up to 11'999.- CHF 39 CHF
up to 29'999.- CHF 69 CHF
up to 49'999.- CHF 89 CHF
up to 79'999.- CHF 119 CHF
from 80'000.- CHF 229 CHF
Boats Fee borne by the buyer
(VAT included)
up to 11'999.- CHF 59 CHF
up to 29'999.- CHF 119 CHF
up to 99'999.- CHF 229 CHF
up to 249'999.- CHF 699 CHF
up to 999'999.- CHF 1'490 CHF

What do you get for this?

  • Your secure payment, whether your seller is in Switzerland or abroad.
  • A 3-month contract protection, by our partner Protekta - learn more here.
  • Your freedom until you buy the vehicle. If you decide not to buy, you get 100% of your money back.
  • On request, we perform your currency conversions with our partner Swissquote Bank.

No hidden costs

  • There is no subscription, funding or withdrawal fee.
  • There is no fee if the transaction does not take place.
  • There is no fee for the seller.

CashSentinel is available in most European countries and Switzerland, for private and professional customers.