AutoScout24 (Switzerland) - is the biggest, most visited and Nb. 1 online provider for the Swiss car market. CashSentinel collaborates with AutoScout24 providing customers a direct access to our secured payment service.


boat24 (Switzerland) - The largest online marketplace for boats in Switzerland. CashSentinel works with boat24 since January 2017.


Reezocar (France) - facilitates the search and secures purchases of second-hand vehicles in Europe. As it also offers a customized service facilitating purchases, it is positioned to 100% on the side of the buyer, therefore allowing to save up to 15% on the selling prices.


L'Argus (France) - is one of the biggest marketplaces for French vehicles. The company publishes a weekly journal dedicated to the automobile industry, in which their famous quoting system for individuals and profesionnals was introduced. Today, the group is present in various domains.


01Flat (France) - is a website dedicated to Porsche enthusiasts. On 01Flat one will find pre-owned Porsche for sale. 01Flat also gives access to Porsche news and agenda, as well as top-notch Porsche service providers!



Swissquote, the Swiss leader in online banking, holds a banking licence and is submitted to the supervision of the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA). CashSentinel has partnered with Swissquote to ensure a state of the art service to its customers.


SFPMEI have 15 years experience in electronic money market and are recognized as EMI (electronic money issuer) by the « Banque de France » via ACPR, Autorité de contrôle prudentiel et de résolution. Further 1st class financial partners supported by SFPMEI include Lydia, Unilend or Moneo.


Protekta legal protection SA is a 100% subsidiary from La Mobilière. With a volume of written premiums of more than 90 million francs, it resides amongst the two biggest legal protection providers in Switzerland. More than 100 employees advise and assist the customers with the highest skills, always demonstrating thoughtfulness and professionalism when handling cases.


Go Beyond

Go Beyond is an early-stage investing platform which facilitates financing of start-ups. Operating in multiple European locations and in the USA, Go Beyond supports CashSentinel financial development.

Venture Kick

VentureKick, an initiative of private donors, operates one of the most recognized startup competition in Switzerland. CashSentinel has won all three rounds of the competition in November 2012, April and December 2013, taking home maximum funding support.


BAS, the Business Angels Association of Switzerland bring together young entrepreneurs and seasoned investors. They selected to support CashSentinel considering our solid business plan and our focused strategy.

Supporting organisations

Since its foundation in 2012, CashSentinel rapidly gained support from a mix of private and public entities.

Canton Vaud

Service économique de la promotion du Canton de Vaud (SPECo) provides financial support to Swiss startups established in Vaud Canton. The Canton started supporting CashSentinel in 2013.


Y-Parc is the first and largest technology park in Switzerland, offering a complete and varied set of facilities. CashSentinel is supported by Y-Parc through the business incubator Y-Start.


Innovaud is the access key to innovation in the Canton of Vaud. It focuses on innovation projects. It started supporting CashSentinel in 2013.


The Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI / KTI) is a Swiss-government entity aimed at enabling Swiss high-tech companies. It supported CashSentinel in 2013 through an innovation cheque.


HEIG-VD is an Yverdon-based engineering and business school. It supported CashSentinel in 2013 through an IT-security mandate conducted by the IICT, part of HEIG-VD.


IMD, home to one of the best-ranked MBA program worldwide, organizes a yearly competition recognizing the most promising startups. CashSentinel was selected in 2014 amongst more than 100 applicants.