How does CashSentinel protect my transaction?

CashSentinel brings you a double protection in the context of the transaction of your vehicle: financial and contractual.


The funds loaded on CashSentinel are placed in escrow accounts housed, secured and supervised at Societe Generale and BNP Paribas (France) and Swissquote (Switzerland). The escrow accounts are exclusively dedicated to the management of users' assets, and remain separate from CashSentinel's assets. The buyer is in control of his funds until the moment of the transaction.


Whether you are a buyer or a seller; the respect of the contractual commitments of each party is an essential element for a successful transaction. The CashSentinel service includes a legal protection, which is available to sellers and buyers within 3 months of the transaction. In France, this protection is provided by Allianz Legal Protection. In Switzerland, by Protekta SA.

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