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This abstract presents a synthetic and condensed form of the General Terms and Conditions governing the use of CashSentinel service, intended to simplify the reading of its content. The General Terms and Conditions start at the article 1 and are considered the reference in the event of discrepancies or vagueness in this abstract. In addition to that, CashSentinel offers the parties a mediation service, to which the parties can appeal in case persistent disagreements with regards to the transaction. The mediators are professional and neutral.

CashSentinel is a company dedicated to providing an escrow and payment service through mobile telephones. This service aims to help private individuals avoid having to travel while carrying significant amounts of cash, typically when purchasing/selling pre-owned vehicles.

CashSentinel makes tremendous efforts to ensure that the service is available 24/7; nevertheless, this is not guaranteed. It may happen that the service is temporarily unavailable due to a third party’s shortcoming, (for example, mobile operators), scheduled maintenance (indicated in advance on the website and by e-mail to active clients), or perhaps even exceptional circumstances.

CashSentinel commits to treating your personal information as confidential and shall not disclose them to third parties, with the exception of CashSentinel’s partners and providers when necessary for the provision of the services and the fulfilment of its contractual obligations.

When you fund an escrow account with CashSentinel, you proceed by transferring an amount from your main bank to a CashSentinel account at Swissquote Bank SA, CashSentinel’s partner bank. These funds held in escrow are placed in an account exclusively set up and used for the escrow assets of CashSentinel clients at Swissquote Bank SA, and remain separate from CashSentinel assets.

If you have an amount held in escrow with CashSentinel, but have not proceeded to the purchase (for example if the vehicle was not convenient), we shall automatically transfer your funds back after a period of ten working days. You will not incur any expenses.

You may also ask to recover your funds directly on the website, at any time prior to the automatic refund and without incurring any expenses.

Each year, on the 31st of December, you should not have more than 25’000 CHF on deposit at CashSentinel. If your deposit funds are higher than this amount, they will be automatically sent back to you a couple of days before the 31st of December.

In all cases, CashSentinel will reimburse your funds directly to your source account (the one you have used to perform the escrow funding). You may not ask to have the escrowed funds transferred to another account or to a third party’s account.

A purchase becomes irrevocable once you have confirmed it. CashSentinel commits to transferring the sums due to the parties within a maximum period of three working days. CashSentinel will pay the amount due to the vendor, deduct the CashSentinel transaction fees, and reimburse the remaining balance to your account.

The confirmation of your transaction will result in the deduction of the fees, which are specific to your transaction and identified according to the fees table available on our Internet website under the section “More Information – Costs”.

CashSentinel does not propose any credit options. You must place in escrow the maximum amount that you will be paying to your counterpart for the vehicle, plus the amount of the fees corresponding to your particular transaction. CashSentinel shall reject any transaction where your balance does not cover the total amount of the transaction plus the fees.

CashSentinel does not assume any liability and does not offer any warranty as to the condition of the vehicle obtained through the transaction. Latent defects and hidden flaws are the sole responsibility of the vendor, and it is the task of the purchaser to ensure that the vehicle corresponds to its description.

CashSentinel wishes to bring its clients continually more trust in the transactions performed by its service. Therefore, a mediation service, which can be triggered by the seller or the buyer, is included for a period of 3 months since the date of transaction. The goal of this mediation service is to remedy to the failures that can happen between the contract and the reality of the vehicle. \r\nIn Switzerland, this mediation service is performed by our partner Protekta Assurance de protection juridique SA.

With the sole aim of assisting you in mind, CashSentinel provides you, on its website, with recommendations on the way forward during a purchase. However, you must verify the compliance of the procedure with the vehicle services of your place of residence and your insurance.

CashSentinel guarantees the security of the completed transactions. This security relies on the technical soundness of the platform and the systems employed by CashSentinel as well as on the identity authentication procedures of the parties involved in the transaction. Once you comply with certain elemental rules of security, these procedures are operational. They are listed under the section “More Information – Safety” on the Internet website.

In the event of non-observance of these safety rules, CashSentinel shall not be held liable for the conclusion of a fraudulent transaction on your account.

Last revision: November 19th, 2019